Why Kabsan?

We guarantee to be the best at cabling manufacture and assembly with our 26 years of experience in the defense industry. KABSAN, being the certified provider for ASELSAN, FNSS and the leading companies of defense industry, highly prioritizes quality standards when conducting its production operations. Required tests and quality control processes in accordance with test documents for products which have their productions, designs and installations passed the interim audits based on the customer’s special needs or for products that completed all of their processes are done meticulously by our expert team of engineers and technicians.


26Years of Experience

  • Reducing the our industry’s dependence on foreign sources,

  • Contributing to the competing power of main industry companies in national and international markets,

  • Increasing the moral and material satisfaction of our employees by maintaining the continuation of our company’s profitability and being able to act alongside other side-industry companies,

  • Meeting the demands of customers in desired quantity, quality and time in order to ensure customer satisfaction, needs and expectations.

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