Our Quality Policy

We Are The Leaders of Innovation With Our “One Wire, Infinite People” Principle...

By researching, following and applying the innovations in accordance with the needs of “Cabling and Electromechanic Assembly” in the Defense Industry, we provide “High Performance Electronic Products” to our customers and with this principle;
  • We constantly follow technological developments with national and international activities.
  • We plan all of our activities for the purpose of providing our employees a safe workplace.
  • We constantly train and raise the awareness of our employees in business and quality management system related subjects.
  • In order to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers in a timely manner; we act according to standards and regulations and aim to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering our commitments in full.

With these purposes in mind; we embrace it as our company’s cardinal policy to achieve the most efficient outcomes fitting for a perfect job and to ensure the constant development of all operations.

Commitments of Our Executive Branch;
  • Accountability for the efficiency of quality management system,
  • Establishing the quality policy and quality objectives, and ensuring their compatibility with the company’s strategic direction and context,
  • Meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 2015 AS 9100 Quality Management System,
  • Ensuring the integration of quality management system conditions with the company’s work processes,
  • Promoting the sense of using process approach and risk based thinking,
  • Ensuring the availability of required sources for quality management system,
  • Sharing the importance of compatibility with efficient quality management and the conditions of quality management system.
  • Ensuring that the quality management system achieves the desired outcomes,
  • Hiring, directing and supporting people who will contribute to the efficiency of quality management system,
  • Promoting development,
  • Supporting other relevant managing officers to show leadership (in the way of applying it to their own respective areas of responsibility)
Strategic Compatibility
Risk Based Thinking
Reliable Sources
Individuals Aware Of The System
Incentive For Quality

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