Human Resources

When choosing and placing personnel; we give due diligence to principles of transparency, equal opportunity, objectivity, confidentiality and information and adopt these sensitivities as our priority
 Human Resources Policy
  • For an effective work life and a healthy social life, we walk towards our goals with personnel who are inspired by success, highly motivated, competent, and who adopt constant learning and self-improvement as a principle.
  • We invite the candidates who passes the preliminary selection process to a meeting with the relevant branch manager and Human Resources Manager.
  • On the meeting, we evaluate the candidate’s compatibility to their desired position and their competence by carrying out technical interviews, potential analysis evaluations and for some positions, foreign language exams.
  • Besides the qualifications required for the position, we also evaluate the candidate’s knowledge, abilities and interests.
  • After the evaluation process is completed, we notify the accepted candidates via e-mail.
  • For the newest hires, we provide orientation and occupational health and safety trainings.
  • For both the newcomers to our family and the personnel who have been with us, we plan yearly seminars and expect them to attend such planned seminars.
  • At the end of these seminars, provided for them to constantly better themselves and further hone their skills, we give our participants their certificates.
  • Our seminars evaluate the personnel’s competence and abilities in accordance with ‘personnel knowledge and ability matrix’ and ‘performance evaluation forms’; we practice ‘promotion, reward and punishment’ system.

We announce vacant positions on our Kariyer.net and LinkedIn pages. In case you cannot find any vacant positions to your interests, you can fill out a general application form and send it to info@kabsan.com.tr.

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