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Starting its operations with cabling manufacture in line with the requirements of defense industry, KABSAN ELECTRONICS continues its operations today in both defense and electronics industry with its dynamic staff who constantly follow technology closely and are open to innovation.

One Wire, Infinite People...

With “Kabsan Electronics” name, around 26 years ago in 1993, we have founded our company and we are conducting our operations in our 3000 m2 of confined spaces while staying true to our corporate values ever since.

Today, we are continuing to diversify our production operations, which began with cabling production mainly in line with the requirements of the defense industry, from a perspective which is advanced with technological innovations in the field of electronics and in line with military standards in our design, manufacture and assembly facilities.

Individuals Contributing to the Industry

We are constantly improving our team with individuals who are experienced in their fields; who work rigorously in line with our corporate values; and who contribute to the industries of defense and electronics.

We Provide Assistance to the Giants of Defense Industry...

Furthermore, we are the strategic partner of ASELSAN and we continue to provide assistance to companies which contribute to the advancement of our country’s defense industry with regards to cabling, electromechanical production and design. We are immensely proud to provide for the needs of defense industry with our established professional staff of nearly 200 people consisting of engineers, technicians and operators who are experts in their fields.

As Kabsan Electronics, we have;

A machinery/equipment pool compatible with current technology standards,

A Quality Management System and a Facility Security Clearance prepared in accordance to ISO9001:2015 and AS9100 REV D,

The awareness of meeting the requirements of being a sub-industry,

Along with a serious management mentality, the ambition and the effort for maintaining our services and support for the main industry…

Information Security Policies

Ensuring information security is crucial for Kabsan. Therefore, Kabsan guarantees the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information and information systems; along with constantly enhancing, developing and reviewing the information security by managing the existing and potential risks.


General Manager

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