Veteran Partners of Big Projects

We are continuing to provide service as a solution partner to essential projects with the strength of our 26 years of experience in the Defense Industry; with our team of experts, our ambition to play a role in domestic and national projects and our quality values we always prioritize.
Within this scope, we continue to meticulously undertake cable set manufacturing, electromechanical assemblies and designs for many projects developed in the field of Land/Armored vehicles in KABSAN facilities.

Bigger Services in Naval Systems

We are preparing to transfer the knowledge and success we gained from the National Ship Project (MİLGEM) to Antisubmarine Defense Warfare (ADW) project. To that end, as KABSAN Electronics, we aim to be more present in naval projects and provide bigger services to the industry in the future.

Our Aim is Higher Than Ever!

We are preparing to transfer the knowledge we gained in the land/armored vehicles platform in 26 years to the projects in the aviation platform. We have raised our aim with the gains of this substantive experience, and have taken the first steps in this new journey by acquiring AS 9100 Quality Certification for Aviation and Space.

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